True Hand Society

Letters and packages can be sent to the studio at:

2345 East Susquehanna Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125
United States

Find the big red doors to the left of the building (A stone covered church) and head upstairs.

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Here is some info on how I go about my booking process and pricing for tattoo appointments. I send these few paragraphs to everyone, so I apologize for being a little impersonal:

First thing I’ll need from you is a brief summary of your ideas, where at on your body you want to get tattooed, how big, and how soon you were looking to get started. I will also need to know your typically weekly schedule and where you might be traveling from (or whether you’re local to Philadelphia). In order to keep my schedule some what flexible, I like to restrict my calendar to booking appointments 2-3 months at a time. That way we can always be sure to find you a follow-up date for any large scale projects and so there isn’t necessarily a terribly long wait for new customers either. For the larger work, we can book 1-3 sessions all at once depending on availability. I would recommend no less than 2 weeks in between sessions in order for things to heal fully. 

I do not work Sundays or Mondays, so the rest of the week is typically up for grabs. With Saturday being my only possible weekend slot, that option inevitably fills up first and usually goes to my most frequent clients. So if you work the conventional 9-5, M-F, this tattoo may require you to take day off or tweak your work schedule a bit.

I like to book my days in one of two ways: ‘half-day’ or ‘full-day’

For a half-day session, I would have you arrive at 12:00pm and we would work on you until roughly 3:30pm. 

For a full-day session, I would have you arrive at 12:00pm and we would work on you until anytime after that, until about 7:00pm. 

My hourly rate is $150/hr so a half day comes out to about $500 and a full day $900, depending on how quickly we get started and how many breaks we take. Also, most small-to-medium sized tattoos will take up all of the time set aside for a ‘half-day’ session. These things can vary so this is just the simplest way that I can lay it out. 

To encourage customers to go further with their ideas and coverage, and to reward the recurring ones who choose this path, I offer an hourly rate of $100/hr to those who are attempting a body suit or on other large-scale work AFTER one initial project is completed at a rate of $150/hr.

Lastly, in order to complete the booking process, I require a deposit from everyone. For most tattoos, I ask for $150 that will be used toward to final price of the tattoo. For larger projects, I may ask for similarly large deposit (e.g, $250-1,000) depending on the size and required preparation. In any case, that money will still be yours and used toward the cost of any of our sessions. I will only hold onto at least $150 of the original deposit until the final session, or carry it over to our next project upon your request. Deposit and general payments can be made through a credit/debit card via PayPal & Venmo, and of course cash.

Hopefully all of this rings well in your ears and you’re still on-board to get tattooed. I look forward to discussing further your ideas and potential projects!

Matthew Lambdin